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Thread: Hey Roger (and Bob)- This is how you handle cheating!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolieMan View Post
    reports are he is the one who set it up in Houston while he was bench coach here
    Cora just got canned too...

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    This is the difference; in MLB they all fell in line behind the league, and fired those involved. In the NFL, they all followed Roger Dodgers lead and covered it up, right on down to the owners, and the media clucks.

    The only one who was not buying it was Senator Arlen Specter, and unfortunately he was terminally ill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merman View Post
    Really? I doubt whether he is.
    Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran are the guys who thought it up and implemented it......Cora is now gone and Beltran will probably be gone from the Mets soon too.

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