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Thread: Renaming Miami's NBA Stadium

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    Renaming Miami's NBA Stadium

    Porn site BangBros just bid $10 million for Miami's NBA stadium to become the 'BangBros Center'

    American Airlines Arena, aka the AAA, has been the home of the Miami Heat since its construction in 1999. The times are changing, though, and American Airlines last year announced it was no longer looking to renew its sponsorship of the venue. A bidding war has begun, as companies jostle to become synonymous with the arena. If things go a certain online porn site's way, the Miami Heat could play their next game from the BangBros Center.

    BangBros, a Miami-based porn site, said it had bid $10 million for 10 years of naming rights. The company said via tweet that it wished to call the venue the BangBros Center, or BBC. You may need to search Urban Dictionary what that abbreviation means, because the company definitely isn't alluding to the British Broadcasting Corporation.
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    Ha ha ha!!!! That would be awesome.



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