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Thread: Ufc 239

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    Ufc 239

    Man this was an insane card. Ben Askren who acted like a total punk received one of the most brutal KOs i have seen. Masvidal KOed him in 5secs with a flying knee then added a few follow up shots. Masvidal then counted him out like a wrestler and did the dead fish celebration.... Rockhold also got knocked stiff and Nunes KOed Holm. The Jon Jones fight was awful, but the other ones more than made up for it.

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    Yeah, watched the main fights, that flying knee was insane, Masvidals post fight press conference was pretty good. I figured Holmes has zero shot to win that fight. I'm wondering if Jones was hiding an injury leading up to that fight? He just didn't seem his usual self, and fought very smart.

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    Amanda Nunes is probably the greatest women's fighter the world has seen. Shame the women's division is so devoid of talent depth. That woman is savage.

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    I broke down and bought it, along that ESPN. Fantastic card. ESPN+ is a pain in the ass. Had to watch it on an iPad. Can't get the app on first gen Apple TV. Only smart TV it works on is Samsung, and mirroring doesn't work. Not moving gaming shit around just to see a fight in the living room either.

    Not a Jones fan, but that guy has championship grit and a ridiculous poker face. Nothing he gets hit with appears to affect him during his fights.

    Also, beyond enjoying Rousey finally getting clocked, never gave a shit about women's MMA at all. Always go do something else when the women are fighting.

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    I watch espn+ on my pc, but the player will just stop and I'll have to hit play again. It's very annoying when it does it in the middle of fights. I did send them an email about it, but didn't hear back. i was going to try a different browser currently use firefox.
    As for the Jones fight he was really limping out of the arena. Not sure if it was from the leg kicks or another injury. He really did not seem himself and was lucky to get the win. The second round was razor close in my opinion.



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