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Thread: Why Tomlin should be losing sleep throughout the season...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omar10213245 View Post
    great addition to thread, would (not) read again
    *Slow clap*

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapeANaspirin2it View Post
    For somebody to lose sleep, they would have to think they did something wrong. I bet Tomlin sleeps like a baby.
    Or worried about losing your job. Shades would have to be below .500 three years in a row for that to happen. The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step though.
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    It's all in the numbers.
    If it were only that easy wig. facts are that it is not so much the individuals in da burgh but the collective. Bell wasn't all that in my eyes, the OL did his bidding and AB is admittedly a great receiver that could be replaced eventually. Receivers come and go in this game as do all the stars, trick is to establish a consistency team wise. That's were the Tomlin factor bites us in the ass, not so much the numbers game IMO.

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    I don't think this ownership cares. If all that has come out about Tomlin, not getting in playoffs, two players that were once big players for us wanting out, a TE that never said anything says how bad things were this year, he will sleep fine. Tomlin has accomplished nothing except lose the mystic the Steeler name once was. Nothing has come out of this front office, they witnessed what we saw on the sidelines, they witness behind the scene what Tomlin allowed and not a peep out of them.

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    Iíll say it again! Tomlin should have been brought down several pegs and put on notice after the home playoff loss to Bortles and Jags.

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