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Thread: Downhill from here.

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    Downhill from here.

    I think it is clear that Steelers window has closed for a long time. Rothlisberger no longer at the top of his game, Bell gone, Brown on his way out, no one to replace Shazier, a still mediocre secondary--it's over for a long time.

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    Welcome to the board Trav. You gotta know that the sentiments you espoused do indeed reflect some of the others on this forum too, BUT just like looking ahead to games down the road before tending to current business, reality is not always welcome. This coming season will indeed tell a story of the future of this team.

    Tomlin has an unbroken winning history BUT he also has a history of falling short in the post season. Confidence in his ability to produce another championship is falling fast. His drafting strategy is being called into question just as his choice of coaches are also.

    Time will tell but I believe this coming season will also tell if Ben will continue to show signs of what I call TMB syndrome ( too many birthdays ) and call it time to retire to Canton. Not often mentioned are the players that will follow him out the door. Pouncey for one has openly stated that he will be the first.

    The story of losing Bell and possibly Brown is just the tip of the problem, also leading a path right back to the coach. Allowing players to continue to disrupt the locker room and put themselves above team goals is a symptom of bigger problems to come and now they are here.

    Not making the playoffs after a run of winning years and 'one and done' post season play could indeed be an indication of a downslide in production. The only thing that could IMO stop this downslide is to get back into the playoffs next year.

    Yeah well...good luck with that. The talent may not sustain such a goal let alone the apparatus to guide it.

    Anyway...welcome and please don't take the boards lack of response as a snub, it's just a touchy subject right now.

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    Ben threw for over 5,000 yards this past season.are you STUPID? This is what I mean. NOT A TRUE STEELER FAN.GO JOIN THE COWGIRLS. GET OFF OF BEN


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    I can understand the frustration from this past off season but I think we have some reason for hope as well. While we lost Bell and Brown, we still have Conner and JuJu to take their places. And Moncrief is a good start at a #2. Don't forget Eli Roger's should be back to full form this season after his injury. Plus free agency really has helped our defense. Nelson is a much better cb than Artie Burns and Baron will help alot in dime coverage. The draft gives us opportunities to add to these areas as well. The real test of preseason will be to see if the team can quickly gel together. If they do, the sky is the limit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVRON View Post
    Ben threw for over 5,000 yards this past season.are you STUPID? This is what I mean. NOT A TRUE STEELER FAN.GO JOIN THE COWGIRLS. GET OFF OF BEN




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