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Super Dave

Trump - Make America Great Again!

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Trump should apologize

He should make a point about apologizing.

Just as soon as John McCain apologizes to the good people he insulted for getting involved in the political process, attending a campaign rally, and exercising their constitutional rights. For that McCain calls them Krazies, Neanderthals, and Troglodytes.

Good people that included many veterans, hero's who also served, many of these good people, who broke no laws, were his constituents who voted for McCain on multiple occasions at the state and national level. McCain treated these people with contempt and disdain by by publicly insulting them and engaging in juvenile name calling.

Is that behavior befitting of a hero?

No, It is JOHN McCAIN WHO OWES AN APOLOGY, yet there is no one to hold him accountable for his egregious actions.

Who will speak up for the people he insulted? Certainly not the the RNC, nor any of the other Presidential squishes, certainly not the media, or his Democratic friends who both squeal with delight and revel in McCain's conservative bashing.

Who will speak up for those people?

Donald Trump will speak up or those people, and he does not give a flying flip what anybody thinks about it. Do it, call out John McCain for his actions unbecoming of a hero.

You know what is really krazie Senator McCain?

A gazillion dollars in debt that was piled up under your watch and with your votes, a border so porous that it threatens our national security, again under your watch and with your votes, a president that circumvents the constitution, under your watch and with your recommendation, and a republican senator who parlayed hero status into a career of selling out his constituents and throwing his party under the bus, time and time, and time again.

Call him out Trump

This krazie has had enough of McLame.

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